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    Children's Loyalty & Love Bracelets

    Children's Loyalty & Love Bracelets
    MVH debuts world's first loyalty bracelet collection in silver for kids/babies in baby pink & baby blue to celebrate baby's arrival, baptism or baby shower.  Also considered protection against the evil eye or an azabache bracelet familiar to most Latin cultures. 


    Our bracelet is a universal symbol of love and loyalty. The LOYALTY bracelet, created in ancient Morocco, honors human ideals of trust and devotion.  The LOYALTY bracelet is created using an adjustable, water resistant satin cord locked by the Hamsa, The Hand,  in silver and 18K yellow gold/rose gold/white gold. In our design, we use the Hamsa to symbolize five universal pillars of loyalty: I am loyal to myself.  I am loyal to family.  I am loyal to love.  I am loyal to friends.  I am loyal to my purpose. 

    Handmade in limited quantities, each LOYALTY bracelet is dedicated to honoring joyful and unending loyalty.  It is meant to never be removed.