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    The Malik Von Hamsa MVH  Loyalty bracelet is a universal symbol of love and loyalty.  The Loyalty bracelet is illustrated by MVH’s master craftsmen by The Hand which embodies our five pillars of loyalty:

    I.  I am loyal to myself
    II.  I am loyal to my family
    III. I am loyal to romance
    IV.  I am loyal to my friends
    V.  I am loyal to my career

    MVH bracelets are available in silver, white gold, yellow and rose gold, the piece serves to sanctify inseparable loyalty and is meant to never be removed.  All bracelets are meticulously inspected and autographed by Sir Malik Von Hamsa himself. This undeniably elegant unisex piece is hand-contoured, sealed with an adjustable personalized satin cord coulour forms the world’s first loyalty bracelet.  Who are you loyal to?